Discuss the future of cities and global business with Aerotropolis expert, and director of UNC's Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise, John D. Kasarda, in a one-time, national, interactive event.

On Friday, April 15th, join John Kasarda, the leading developer of the aerotropolis concept, for an innovative discussion about the 21st-century city and his new book Aerotropolis: The Way We'll Live Next (co-written with Greg Lindsay).

The 21st-Century City

In the 20th century, airports were built outside of cities, and roads connected one to the other. This pattern--city in the center, airport on the periphery--has shaped life across the globe. 

Today however, jet travel, round-the-clock workdays, overnight shipping, and global business networks have turned the pattern inside out. A new urban form, the "aerotropolis," has emerged, placing airports in the center with cities growing around them, connecting workers, suppliers, executives, and goods to the global marketplace. 

The aerotropolis model is re-shaping life in China and India, Seoul and Amsterdam, Dallas and Memphis, and it could be the economic answer for a city like Detroit. 

Aerotropolis in the News

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Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do 

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Friday, April 15th, 2011 2:00 p.m. EDT / 11:00 a.m. PDT


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